Retail use case #team

taskout roadmap team shared user experience

Retailers are already set up as teams – they are called stores!

The majority of retailers stores have team based initiatives that can be completed by any team member of that store.  So displaying a team-shared user experience with #team rapidly improves efficiency for the in-store staff.

Very few retail initiatives, procedures or tasks are reserved solely for the store or shift manager.

Stores work as a team, often sharing the same point-of-sale, desktops and tablets.  Most brands only want people to log into their personal devices if they are being utilized for the business – they prefer staff to be with customers and focused on sales.  With #team, the requirement pops up on all of the team-shared devices, then anyone who is eligible can complete. It is super fast and easy, and you still have proof of who has done what and when.

#team is naturally intuitive and most in-stores teams “get it” in less than 3 minutes.  The simplicity of the team-shared user experience caters nicely for the wide range of technology aptitudes that work in retail.  As a result, the implementation is stress free for the store managers and their teams.

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