#team app - everything you need

everything you need

one all inclusive low price - per team / per week

  • 100% full functionality, no 'upgrade plans'
  • no per user fees or usage fees
  • price per team includes unlimited team members
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    free access for management users
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    no user training or set-up costs

everything you need

One all inclusive low price plan, no shenanigans. 

  • 100% full functionality, no 'upgrade plans'
  • No per user fees or usage fees
  • Price per team includes all team members
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    Free access to management console
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    No end user training or set-up costs
task app elevate team performance

communicate, manage & measure what’s important to your business with #team

business owners | executives | head office staff

free user access for all of them

  • Set clear expectations for your teams

  • Track, measure, reward and innovate performance

make more robust, data lead decisions

  • Compare performance by teams, locations and managers at each level

  • Focus your time, resources and staff development where you can make a difference

become agile to drive innovation and genuine teamwork

  • Make incremental improvements daily and create healthy competition across your teams

  • Engage your teams with live data and easy analytics tools to innovate their own performance

small business to big business | multiple locations, time zones or countries

make instant changes across all of your teams

  • Become agile, test incremental improvements without meetings and talkfests

  • Quickly learn from what is working and what is not

see in real-time what's been done and what's been missed 

  • Manage by exception, support the teams that need it most

  • Execution is everything, enable your leaders to be proactive before things fail

teams respond to clear expectations 

  • People don't mind accountability, if there is clarity and transparency

  • Build a culture of performance, consistently achieving above expectations

marketing campaigns | team level execution 

how do you know every team has executed every campaign exactly to plan?

  • View a live dashboard and photo galleries - no need to travel to each location

  • Set initiatives in a way that clearly shows the progress of campaign preparations

do all teams know the current promotions, campaign messages and sales scripts?

  • Quiz their knowledge 

  • Make sure everything they need is in place and ready to go, act immediately if not

at the 11th hour before a campaign goes live, can you see who is ready and who is not? 

  • Focus that last minute attention exactly where it is needed most

  • Eliminate chaos and noise, get the job done efficiently across 1 or 10,000 teams

​learning & development | induction | training

deliver knowledge exactly when and where it is needed

  • Knowledge is needed at a precise point: the task they are about to do right now

  • Attach to key tasks a variety of L&D content - documents, images and videos

use live data to objectively inform exactly where to focus your L&D spend

  • People are human, one size doesn't fit all - be objective, make decisions on data

  • Quickly analyze tasks, teams, locations and manager performance to inform L&D spend

throw away operating manuals, static checklists and how-to guides | that's old school

  • These are quickly out of date, widely ignored, boring and a hassle to change

  • Go digital and make instant changes to how work gets done across 1 to 10,000 teams

​eliminating email and internal calls

if you send an email to 300 teams, you may get 180 emails back and still not know the status

  • Communicate with the right teams in seconds via #team, then view live dashboards of status

  • Set custom alerts so you can manage by exception and support the teams who need it 

teams are already hearing competing priorities from multiple sources 

  • Put all initiatives in one place, reduce the noise and right size the amount and timing of them

  • Because Management access is free, all executives, managers and departments can eliminate the chaos of email and chasing phone calls

time lost on emails and internal calls is time away from sales and customer service

  • No need for staff to search through emails for whats required, or for you to call and interrupt them

  • Team-shared user experience, so anyone in the team can see what needs to be done next

​​OH&S | food safety | other compliance tasks

create a culture of routine excellence, rather than tick-a-box at the end of the day

  • Going digital in real time stops the fake practice of signing everything off at shift-end

  • Create sub-tasks or question responses to better authenticate completion 

be able to prove at anytime the timing and completion of compliance tasks

  • Digital proof of completion and by who, including the option to scan QR codes

  • In-app photos that cannot be faked, for those activities you prefer to keep a photo record

make changes instantly, without wasting money on boring meetings and talkfests 

  • Your teams quickly become accustomed to working to whatever is displayed on #team

  • It will take you approx 15 seconds in #team to create a new activity or requirement across 10,000 teams

security & user management | private email accounts

data security and ease of user management

  • #team applies the latest in encryption and authentication technology

  • You can easily remove users at any time

private vs business email accounts

  • If your employees don't have a business email account, that's no problem

  • Access is controlled via virtual security tokens that expire when you remove a user

easy onboarding with SSO/SAML 

  • Our next release will cater for SSO/SAML

  • In the meantime, to roll out #team you only need to add one email address per team

frequently asked questions

What makes #team so different to other apps?

How long is the free trial?

How does the annual billing work and what is the contract term? 

What payment methods do you accept and how do I access past invoices and billing history?

In what languages can I display tasks?

If I am a small business of 30 employees, how should I get started with #team? 

How should we implement #team across 2,000 teams/ sites/ stores? 

What happens when I stop using #team?

For how long is past data accessible? 

Is my data safe? 

What makes #team so different to other apps?

1) you can easily run 1 to 10,000 teams and multiple brands - from progressive small businesses to a retail business with 3,000 stores across 4 brands in 6 countries; 

2) team-shared user experience, making it super fast and easy, without needing staff on their personal phones to see initiatives;

3) no per user fees, so if you have 1,000 teams and each range from 6 to 35 casual employees per team, it doesn't matter - you only pay a low SaaS fee per team, which covers the whole team, and you only pay per active team.

How long is the free trial?

21 days, plenty of time to get a feel for #team and get your content organized. There are no set-up fees. No consultants, integration or hardware costs. No end user training costs.  Progressively roll out #team, only paying a low SaaS fee either per month or annually. 

Go live within a couple of hours!

How does the annual billing work and what is the contract term?

You can chose from monthly or annual billing.  

There is no contract term beyond the billing cycle.  On annual billing, your active teams are billed annually in advance.  As you activate more teams in #team, these are billed pro-rata for the balance of the year, so you can easily manage all of your teams to one annual billing cycle.  

Deactivated teams automatically credit against future teams you activate on the #team.

You can manage more than one organization under the same account, with different billing and payment methods per organization.  You can run more than one brand per organization.

​What payment methods do you accept and how do I access past invoices and billing history? 

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club. View pricing.

Our billing engine runs on the secure Chargebee platform, which provides you with a client portal to access your subscription status, payment methods, billing information, payment history and invoices.

In what languages can I display content? 

Most languages are supported, including the search and log features within #team.  Navigation menus are minimal and in English.

If I am a small business of 30 employees, how should I get started with #team? 

You may like to start with just 3 teams.  1 team that includes everyone. 1 team for customer facing roles.  1 team for administration and finance. First start with the key daily/ weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly recurring functions of each of these 3 teams.  Keep it simple, then add more content as the teams get comfortable. Go live within a couple of hours!

How should we implement #team across 2,000 teams/ sites/ stores?  

First think about how to make this a game changer for your business - whether that's elevating performance, being more agile or doing more with less.  Don't get bogged down upfront on what systems this will replace, as you will learn a lot more about that as you go and this exploratory journey of step-change innovation will only cost a few hundred dollars, not $100,000.  

Start with 10-12 teams under 2 good managers, 5-6 teams each. Run a 3 week trial, experimenting with the content and listening to feedback at all levels. Take 5-7 raw authentic quick iPhone video interviews with staff, team leaders and managers - as these will be invaluable later for communicating to all leaders and managers.  Evaluate the trial, update the content then roll out progressively one state or country at a time.

What happens when I stop using #team?

No problem, there are no termination fees.  Before deactivating your account you may like to download your data from the Management Console's results and logs pages.  On future releases we will be creating APIs for you to link your task app data to BI/data analytics tools.

​For how long is past data accessible? 

At this time you can access all past data on active and inactive teams.  So that our data costs don't blowout, on a future release we will change this to 3 years where 80% of teams are active, otherwise 1 year.  Before making that change we will communicate to all clients and of course we will put in place sufficient admin user notifications to make this threshold easy to manage on an ongoing basis.

​Is my data safe? 

Yes!  We use the latest in encryption and authentication technology.  

Data is encoded in each organization, only available to that organization and its users.  Data hosting is with Linode, which we found to provide the fastest end user experience.

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