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Retail use case #team

Retailers are already set up as teams – they are called stores!

The majority of retailers stores have team based initiatives that can be completed by any team member of that store.  So displaying a team-shared user experience with #team rapidly improves efficiency for the in-store staff.

Very few retail initiatives, procedures or tasks are reserved solely for the store or shift manager.

Stores work as a team, often sharing the same point-of-sale, desktops and tablets.  Most brands only want people to log into their personal devices if they are being utilized for the business – they prefer staff to be with customers and focused on sales.  With #team, the requirement pops up on all of the team-shared devices, then anyone who is eligible can complete. It is super fast and easy, and you still have proof of who has done what and when.

#team is naturally intuitive and most in-stores teams “get it” in less than 3 minutes.  The simplicity of the team-shared user experience caters nicely for the wide range of technology aptitudes that work in retail.  As a result, the implementation is stress free for the store managers and their teams.

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Australia’s Queensland Government – Ignite Ideas Fund backs #team

The Ignite Ideas Fund aims to support Queensland businesses to commercialise market ready innovative ideas.

At #team we are very grateful to the Ignite Ideas Fund, the Advance Queensland team and the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

Innovation products are best designed hand-in-hand with progressive clients.  #team also acknowledge the invaluable insights, BETA testing and design reviews provided by leading Australian retail brands across fashion, quick service restaurants, gyms and franchising – they have each helped to make #team intuitive and easy to use for their respective teams and head office staff.

These top tier brands have also contributed more than half of the current ideas on our product roadmap, which we are prioritizing and implementing behind the scenes.

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